Alexandra Scarf From Gauge Knits - Day 1 | Author Allie Pleiter

Alexandra Scarf from Gauge Knits - Day 1

A smart, simple scarf...

Alexandra Scarf from Gauge Knits - Day 1 8
I spend a lot of time knitting scarves and shawls that “do” things—either through clever design features, thoughtful shapes, or intriguing patterns.  All that’s fine and dandy, but there’s always a place for the basic in every knitter’s project cue.

This is a step up from the basic scarf, surely, for the zig-zag design adds a bit of flair and reminds me of the Comin’ Round the Mountain socks I knit from Hearthstone Knits in Saint Louis.  I respect that this scarf isn’t out to do tricks or turn heads.  This is a scarf that knows what scarves are for, and why we love them. 

Alexandra Scarf from Gauge Knits - Day 1 9
It helps to have a splendid fiber—this Luxe Perch merino/cashmere/nylon blend has a nice feel and the brilliant green is just what this jaded (no pun intended) Chicago winter gal needs.  It reminds me the vibrancy of Spring is just around the corner.  You could do this project in a solid or a multi-color yarn, but I’d advise staying away from too dark a hue so that you see the lovely stitch-work.  

Alexandra Scarf from Gauge Knits - Day 1 10
I have a strong aversion to stockinette scarves—their tendency to roll at the edges drives me  nuts.  To guard against that, I chose to amend Kelly Ramsey’s pattern with three additional garter stitches on either end of the pattern.  You may not share my fears, and could be just fine with the pattern as written.  I, however, like the color and simplicity of this scarf so much I don’t want to risk being annoyed by rolling when I am all done.
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