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Alexandra Scarf from Gauge Knits - Done!


Alexandra Scarf from Gauge Knits - Done! 10
Before blocking: brilliant but bumpy
You would think, after so many years as a knitter, that the effects of blocking would cease to be so wondrous for me.  Not so.  Just like the thrill of opening a brand new box of my latest book never gets old, so does that moment when I pull a project off the blocking wires to hold it in my hand.

Alexandra Scarf from Gauge Knits - Done! 11
On the wires
Some projects don’t change dramatically with blocking, but lacework—even simple lacework like this—comes alive when you block it.  The ripples disappear and you hold a light, airy piece of fabric in your hands.  Fabric you made out of sticks and string.  That’s art in itself, but the fact that you can now wear it?  All the more marvelous!

Alexandra Scarf from Gauge Knits - Done! 12
A finished beauty!
On a dreary Chicago day when it feels like winter has lasted forever, this is just the colorful promise of spring I needed.  Thanks, Gauge Knits, for a project that taught me a lot about what I love and learn from knitting!
Alexandra Scarf from Gauge Knits - Done! 13
Delightful details

Next up?  DestiKNITions spends the day in the charming state capitol of Frankfort, KY.
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