Alligator Scarf From Knitting Under The Influence Of Nancy - Day 4 | Author Allie Pleiter

Alligator Scarf from Knitting Under the Influence of Nancy - Day 4

Rehabilitative Reptiles?

I’m astounded how “alive” this thing looks.  Every once in a while I think a dragon is in the making.  I have a feeling my little nephew will adore this once it’s done.   If I ever have the privilege of teaching a young boy to knit, this would definitely be my project of choice.

Alligator Scarf from Knitting Under the Influence of Nancy - Day 4 4
The only drawback is that this is a LOT of knitting.  I’m used to scarves whipping up quickly, and that’s not true of this one.  Maybe it’s all the increasing and binding off, but this takes time.   Not that time is a bad thing--in this case there is a clear pay-off so it feels worth it--but what I thought would be an easy project is taking some serious attention.  This scarf would be an excellent distraction project for a young knitter stuck with a broken leg, hospital stay, or long journey.  Rehabilitative reptiles?  Why not?

I’ve also found it’s a real conversation starter.  After all, how many times in life do you run across someone knitting an alligator?  Socks you see everywhere, scarves, too, but an alligator?   That’s going to make a spectator come up and ask you about your knitting.  Of course, I just love an opening like that. I’ve been chatting up the virtues of “fibergators” all week.  Fun galore (or is that fun gatore?)!
I’ve slogged through the first half of the 12-bump back, and now it’s time for the second half.  It won’t be loads of fun, but then after that I get to see how the tail’s made.  

I won’t promise there won’t be tail-gating know how bad I can get with those puns...
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