Arroyo Shawl From Yarn Shop And More - Day 5 | Author Allie Pleiter

Arroyo Shawl from Yarn Shop and More - Day 5

I’m in love...

...With a bind off!  Who’d have thunk it?

Truly, if this project never does anything else for me (which is unlikely since I’ve already had to resist casting it on in another yarn), it will forever be near and dear to me as The Project That Introduced Me to Jenny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off. Enchantment!

Arroyo Shawl from Yarn Shop and More - Day 5 6
It’s awesomeness cannot be overstated.  Bind offs have long been my nemesis, tanking otherwise lovely projects or requiring blocking interventions that might qualify as “heroic measures.”  Now, all of that fades as a distant memory while I stare at the lovely, springy final edge (which in this case is the top) of my Arroyo shawl.  Bliss!

There are multiple videos online documenting this nifty two-step technique, but I finally just printed off some written directions and sat down with a cup of coffee.  Like many knitting techniques, its complications dissolve once you get it into your fingers.  My future toe-up socks are shouting with joy.  Genius!

Arroyo Shawl from Yarn Shop and More - Day 5 7
Blocked--what a difference!
For once blocking was not the hair-raising festival of “will it curl funny?” that blocking shawls can sometimes be.  Not only was I sure of my edges, but I welcomed the chance to try out the new BlokWrx blocking wires I’d purchased at Stitches Midwest.  Thrilling!

Now, all I need is the magic of evaporation to give this shawl its welcome into the world.  Stay tuned--it’s going to be wonderful.
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