AUTUMN SCARF - Day 4 | Author Allie Pleiter


Happy endings in the middle...

So far, I have not seen drastic consequences for my earlier mistake.  So far.  My narrow end of my scarf does have a funny sort of curve to it, but I’m hoping that disappears in the three-dimensional world of it draped around my neck and shoulders rather than the two-dimensional world of laying it out on my dining room table.

Today, though, I want to tell you about a mishap of another kind.  The kind with an unexpectedly pleasant outcome.

Last week I had the chance for some train traveling, and was delighted at the opportunity to get some serious knitting done.  I boarded my train and happily settled into knitting time, only to discover that one of my Harmony circ needles had begun to split.  The crack was in such a way that it snagged the yarn repeatedly.  You know my panic--I had only brought one knitting project, and now all that traveling time was in jeopardy.  Travel?  A lot without knitting?  The horror!

I did what any knitting addict would do.  I kept going.  I ducked into a pharmacy and bought a nail file and some clear nail polish, hoping to “MacGyver” a temporary repair.  I love these circs; they are my go-to needles.  I nudged and twisted and tugged and wrangled my way through the day, tormented by the thought of how much I hated the only other pair of #8 circs in my possession.

While I sat enjoying gorgeous weather on a park bench at the end of the day, I pulled out my iPhone, found the customer service number for KnitPicks, and inquired about a solution.

“You most definitely can return the needles to the store where you bought them,” the representative said.  I loved that she understood the panic in my voice.

“Actually, I bought them at a STITCHES market where there are a gazillion stores.  A year ago.  I couldn’t begin to tell you which store I bought them from.”  I was willing to purchase a replacement, because I really do love these needles.

After checking my account, she put me on hold for a second, then came back to the line.  “We’ll replace them for you at no charge.  Just let me confirm your address.”

When’s the last time you had a company stand by their product like that?  I hope KnitPicks knows they’ve earned a life-long customer with that act of knitting mercy.  

It was just one set of needles.  Only it wasn’t.  It was integrity, and integrity is rare enough these days that I stick with companies that show it.
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