Blurred Lines Bandana Style Shawlette From Yarn & Stitches--Done! | Author Allie Pleiter

Blurred Lines Bandana Style Shawlette from Yarn & Stitches--Done!

Pink and purple perfect...

Blurred Lines Bandana Style Shawlette from Yarn & Stitches--Done! 8
Before blocking

So, a funny thing happened on the way to the bind-off.  It’s a perfect depiction of everything I love about knitting.

I was finishing this project on the road.  I was staying with a colleague attending the conference I talked about in my last post.  It was a lovely little house, and I was sleeping in the granddaughter’s room—a delightful girl named Savannah.

Like most girls her age, Savannah is big into horses.  She even has one and rides it regularly.  Also like most girls her age, Savannah’s room is a festival of pink.  With a little purple thrown in for good measure.  You can see where this is going.  Funny that I couldn’t.

Blurred Lines Bandana Style Shawlette from Yarn & Stitches--Done! 9
After blocking

The morning after I wrote the last post, I woke up feeling like a neon sign had fallen on my head:  I didn’t need to look or wait to see who should own the bandana, the perfect recipient was right under my nose.  Sure, Florida may not be the first place one thinks of to wear a woolen knitted bandana, but it gets chilly there too—especially when out in the pasture with your horse.  The moment the idea came to me, it was undeniable.  There was no point in even considering taking the piece home to block—it needed to stay right where I was.  No one would get more joy out of this pink and purple wonder than the little girl who had lent me her bedroom!

Blurred Lines Bandana Style Shawlette from Yarn & Stitches--Done! 10
The happy recipient!

A quick conversation with Mom and Grandmom okay’ed the offer, produced a iron and board to steam-block the piece, and made the gifting complete.  The small size and little girl colors couldn’t have been a better fit.  I left with a huge smile on my face, and it seems like Savannah enjoyed her gift.

That’s the thing I love most about knitting—there is always, always the right person for whatever you’re making.

Thank you, Yarn & Stitches, for making this wonderful moment possible.

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