Blurred Lines Bandana Style Shawlette From Yarn & Stitches--Day 5 | Author Allie Pleiter

Blurred Lines Bandana Style Shawlette from Yarn & Stitches--Day 5

For Whom?

Blurred Lines Bandana Style Shawlette from Yarn & Stitches--Day 5 8

It’s not hard to see where this is going.  The sections are repeating themselves.  In many ways, that’s good—familiar territory makes for stress free knitting.  I’m at a conference, absorbing new material, pausing here and there to write down important notes and ideas, and I like an easy knitting task for this situation.  I like that everyone knows I’ll be knitting—nay, expects me to be knitting—in a lecture setting.  I break out my old lines: 

Knitting is socially acceptable fidgeting.”

I’m not knitting because you are boring me—I’m knitting so I can pay better attention to you.

Everyone here gets it.  Still, I am a speaker/author by profession, and I take extra care to let the person at the podium know I’m connecting with him or her.  Smiles, nods, taking notes—all these things are how a well-mannered knitter lets her teacher know attention is indeed being paid.

Blurred Lines Bandana Style Shawlette from Yarn & Stitches--Day 5 9

I like the pattern.  It’s just the right balance between intriguing new stitches and repetition—engaging, but not overwhelming; simple, but not boring.  I can see there’s a brand new stitch coming at the end, and I’m looking forward to it as a gratifying finale.  The yarn has a nice spring and a pleasant texture.

But I’ll be perfectly honest:  I can’t get past the colorway.  Not many things in life feel “too young” for me, but this project will likely find its way to a little girl in my life.  I like pink, but I definitely skew toward the lighter, more pastel pinks.  And I do like rich, vibrant purples.  I just can’t get myself to embrace the combination here.

Thats the thing about knitting, however--I don’t have to.  My knitting never has to be all about me.  I can enjoy the process even if the product doesn't turn out to be my cup of tea.  

Blurred Lines Bandana Style Shawlette from Yarn & Stitches--Day 5 10

Sure, this may never grace my neck (although, to be fair, I refuse to pass judgement until this is blocked), I have NO doubt whatsoever that life will shortly introduce me to someone for whom it is absolutely perfect.  It happened with my whimsical cow bag.  It’s happened numerous times.

So for now, I just keep stitching in happy anticipation of discovering who that someone will be.
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