Brady Scarf From Ruhama's - Day 3 | Author Allie Pleiter

Brady Scarf from Ruhama's - Day 3

Who’s wearing who?

Halfway done, and I’m truly enjoying myself.  This is definitely an eye-catcher, as I get stopped every single time I knit this in public.

Brady Scarf from Ruhama's - Day 3 6
I’m finally getting to the length that I can see the impact of the yarn’s gradual color change.  Depending on how and where I tie it, this scarf will either look red, pink, or something in between.  That could be very versatile.    
Granted, I’ve seen some photographs of this fiber in more dramatic color changes, but I’m particularly happy with the one I chose.  Sometimes, when you get drama in both the pattern and the yarn, it ends up too much.  More like the scarf that’s wearing you rather than you wearing the scarf.  

Brady Scarf from Ruhama's - Day 3 7
Coco Chanel, who was more into pearls than scarves (and we’ll forgive her for that) understood this truth.  Her famous quote Dress shabbily, they notice the dress--dress impeccably, they notice the woman” has an application here.  When the scarf is right for the outfit and the person, you notice the style of the person wearing it.  When it overpowers either the rest of what one is wearing, or the person herself, all you can see is the scarf.
Come on, every one of us has made something (think eyelash yarn or that thick stuff calling for size 19 needles) that swallows you whole when you wear it.  It happens.

That’s not the same thing as a statement scarf or a statement necklace.  When you let a piece take center stage in an elegant way, it works.  Provided, I believe, that nothing else on your body is fighting for the attention.  If I did this scarf in the rainbow colorway, I’d need to wear a solid black, white, or neutral top.  I think I still may need to do that with this red-pink progression, but not as strictly.  

And besides, we all know I love center stage.
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