Brassica Shawl From Mosaic Yarn Studio--Day 6 | Author Allie Pleiter

Brassica Shawl from Mosaic Yarn Studio--Day 6

Speedy happiness!

Oh, this is the best part.  

Brassica Shawl from Mosaic Yarn Studio--Day 6 6
Rows start going faster and faster, and my pulse starts racing at the thought of making it to those final stitches.

A funny thing happened on the way to the finish, too.  I memorized the boarder pattern!  I didn’t set out to, but things were so marvelously simple once the middle section of each row became a simple decreased stockinette, I stopped using the row counter.  Then I realized I had stopped looking at the pattern all together because in both the stockinette decreases (ever 4 rows) and in the Petite Open Points border, I easily knew where I was by looking at the stitches.  Usually I have to work at memorizing a repeat pattern, take time to really see what’s going on in the progression of one row to another.  This one just seemed to settle itself in my brain without my noticing.  It was a rather wonderful surprise.

Brassica Shawl from Mosaic Yarn Studio--Day 6 7
And the speed—everything goes so much faster when you don’t have to keep stopping to check the pattern or add another row to your stitch counter.  I’m flying through the rows!

It just occurred to me today, by the way, that I’ll have a lovely green shawl to wear on St. Patrick’s Day.  I hadn’t planned that, but what a delightful coincidence!

PS: I'm giving myself a seventh post on this project, because I lost so much time to the middle section rip-out disaster.  See you at the finish line!
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