Brick Sidewalk Beanie From Fibre Space--Done! | Author Allie Pleiter

Brick Sidewalk Beanie from fibre space--Done!

Hats off!

My relationship with knitted hats has been a rocky one. In Chicago, we definitely need warm hats, but my hair and my head don’t seem to get along with knitted hats. Some people look adorable in beanies, tams, or all types of hats, but I am not one of them. I am happy to make them, but I usually end up giving them away.

Brick Sidewalk Beanie from fibre space--Done! 6
The fact that I don’t hate how it looks on my head is a high testament to this pattern. I don’t love it, but I never expected it to. I tolerate it—style-wise—but I do have to tell you it feels wonderful. Cozy and plush, with the perfect snugness of headband. And the little bit of slouch makes it feel trendy. Seriously, for a knit hat, that’s a home-run in my world.

Brick Sidewalk Beanie from fibre space--Done! 7
I know what will probably happen. I’ll keep it, maybe wear it once or twice when I truly need to feel warm. Then I’ll run across some adorable millennial—my daughter, someone else’s daughter, someone from church or writing group—and I’ll know in my knitter’s heart of hearts it belongs to them. And without a moment’s hesitation and a gleeful heart, I’ll say, “Here, I made this, and I want you to have it.” I’ll have enjoyed the pleasure of knitting it, and they’ll have the pleasure of wearing it—everybody wins!

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Now that we’ve had our knitting experience, my next post will introduce you to the lovely store that provided this pattern: fibre space in Alexandria, VA.  Stay tuned to learn about their brand new location!
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