Brush Creek Cowlette From The Knitting Nest - Day 4 | Author Allie Pleiter

Brush Creek Cowlette from The Knitting Nest - Day 4

Yummy, yarny comfort...

Brush Creek Cowlette from The Knitting Nest - Day 4 8
Ah, the final color progression.  I can see my stitches so much more easily now.  While the repeat is still 17 stitches long, it doesn’t exactly match up with the earlier repeat, so I had to remove not just the center stitch marker but all my markers and reset them in row 80.  Only there’s a bitty shift that takes place in that row, so it took a bit of thinking and staring to make sure I’d gotten everything right (there’s another one of those shifts coming up in row 102 so I’ll be ready).  

Here’s a situation where charts and written directions show their differences.  I need to cope with that small shift from rows 80 and 102 if I’m looking at the chart, but it doesn’t really come into play if I’m knitting off the written directions.  This is why I love it when patterns give us both options—I often end up shifting back and forth between modes depending on which gives me a clearer understanding.  

Brush Creek Cowlette from The Knitting Nest - Day 4 9
The nice part about this section for me is that I can see the pattern and how its supposed to take shape, and that always makes for more confident stitching.  That lovely affirmation of “Oh, yes, that’s where that goes,” that feeds my creative appetite and lets me know I’ll like what I’ve made when it’s done. 

Sometimes—especially toward the end of a challenging project—it’s nice to know you’re on the right path.  Onward to the finish!

Brush Creek Cowlette from The Knitting Nest - Day 4 10
Speaking of finishes, this week SMALL-TOWN FIREMAN releases.  It's the final book in the Gordon Falls series—the one that has so many knitting characters.  This one has a nice bit of knitting in it, too.  It’s been a delight to introduce so many people to the Prayer Shawl ministry through these books.  When I think of all the yummy, yarny comfort I might have inspired, my heart swells with happiness.
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