Cabled Feather Cowl From The Studio - Done! | Author Allie Pleiter

Cabled Feather Cowl from The Studio - Done!

Hole-y cow!

Cabled Feather Cowl from The Studio - Done! 6

Wow, this is a beauty of a cowl.  I have a few that are chunky, that only work with certain coats or tops, but I think this one would go with anything.  It walks the perfect line between cozy and elegant.  

Despite the lacework, it's warm.  Okay, not blistering Chicago winter winds warm, but surprisingly warm for its light weight--and that's impressive.  I wouldn't feel like I'd need to yank this off my sweating neck (and thereby ruin any residual chance of my hair looking halfway decent) when I was indoors.

Cabled Feather Cowl from The Studio - Done! 7

At first I though it would be too close around my neck--it's smaller that other cowls I own--but I was wrong.  The sizing keeps it from doing that floppy thing that I never like in cowls.  It looks great on some people, but always ends up looking just plain messy on me.  This one lays just right. 

Thanks, The Studio, for your graciousness in my error, and for this truly lovely project!

Stay tuned next week for this month's "Authors Who Knit" interview...and after that, DestiKNITions travels to Myrtle Beach!

PS: We had a technical comments glitch, so I'm still collecting votes for charts vs. lists (see last post) if you want to chime in and maybe win a book.

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