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Cables Building Block from Knitting Temptations - Day 1

Hospital Knitting...

Cables Building Block from Knitting Temptations - Day 1 6
I truly believe in Providence, even when it extends to knitting.  While I can’t say I’m really surprised, I must say I am always delighted when the perfect knitting project finds its way onto my needles at just the right time.  Think what you will, I’ll always maintain that Divine Intervention made sure the Cables Building Block was this week’s project.

Three minor surgeries on three Pleiters in three days?  That’s enough stress to send anyone to their needles, wouldn’t you say?  Still, anyone who’s ever spent any time in a hospital knows how much waiting is involved.  And with an imagination like mine, waiting without occupation leads to nothing but worrying.  

As such, I’ve got four requirements of “hospital knitting:”
1) cheerful color
2) entertaining but not overwhelming pattern
3) rapid results, and 
4) a really lush-feeling fiber
Cables Building Block from Knitting Temptations - Day 1 7

My Cables Building Block from Michelle Hunter's Building Blocks knocks it out of the park on all four counts.  A Fiber Grand Slam, if you will.  I love the perky turquoise (actually, it's "Aqua Mint") of my HiKoo Simpliworsted , and its light-bright shade shows off the cables to perfection.  Cables are one of my favorite fiber parlor tricks--impressive but not terribly complicated.  Only one row in seven requires serious concentration, but oh what magic that row wields.  Size 10 needles means you see progress fast, and the lovely soft springiness of the HiKoo wove calm optimism around my fingers as I sat in procedure rooms and waiting rooms.

As coping mechanisms and sedatives go, yarn is still one of the healthiest around.  Positive, productive, and 100% calorie free. 

As for "habit-forming"...
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