Cables Building Block From Knitting Temptations - Day 3 | Author Allie Pleiter

Cables Building Block from Knitting Temptations - Day 3

Top Ten Reasons Why I Knit on Airplanes

Cables Building Block from Knitting Temptations - Day 3 6
During my flight to and from Denver for speaking engagements (and an awesome Peter Gabriel concert at Red Rocks, not to mention time with good friends), I had the opportunity to ponder the relationship between knitting and air travel.  Much like hospitals, I don’t even consider venturing into an airport without yarn and needles.  Here, in no particular order, is why:

    Cables Building Block from Knitting Temptations - Day 3 7

  1. I can’t always work--as an inspirational romance author I’m neurotic about writing certain scenes on airplanes.  I’m just sure that my cardiologist-from-Minnesota-seat-mate is staring at my highly emotional/spiritual/tender text and inwardly gagging.
  2. There’s a tiny tiger-mama part of me that believes if properly provoked, I could take down a terrorist with my sharp wooden circular needles.  Of course, I will vehemently deny this to any TSA representative who thinks I shouldn’t have them on board for just that reason.
  3. I’m downright crabby if kept waiting or kept from food.  This means that if we’re stuck sitting on the runway for two hours, I’m knitting not for my enjoyment, I’m knitting for your protection.
  4. I’m secretly waiting for you to ask me what I’m doing so I can go on at great length about the virtues of knitting and probably persuade you to take up the craft before we land.
  5. Having something to do keeps me from giving into the temptation of asking you what you’re reading on your Kindle in the sick hope that you’ll say you are reading this absolutely fabulous book from someone named Allie Pleiter.  I realize the chances of this ever happening are microscopic, but a girl can dream.
  6. Knitting keeps me from asking what’s on your Kindle for another good reason.  If you’re reading 50 Shades of Grey and you find out I write romance then you’ll ask me what I think of that book and quite honestly if ONE MORE PERSON asks me what I think of that book......
  7. I harbor the ridiculous fantasy that if the plane goes down and we’re stranded on a desert island, I’ll at least have something rewarding to do.  Not that other tasks like finding food or building shelter will be fighting for my attention.
  8. It doesn’t have an on-off switch, which means I can do it from the moment I sit down until the moment I get off the plane.
  9. It justifies the absurd amount of personal care/clothing items I must forgo packing because I need room for my knitting.  Don’t ask, you don’t want to know.
  10. I love to knit anywhere so of course I’m knitting on a plane.

There you have it. One woman’s obsession spread out for the world to see.  I doubt anyone’s surprised.
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