Cables Building Block From Knitting Temptations - Day 4 | Author Allie Pleiter

Cables Building Block from Knitting Temptations - Day 4

The Imperfect Show Off...

Cables Building Block from Knitting Temptations - Day 4 6
I admit it.  I’m a show-off.  I love it when people stare at these cables and get that all-impressed “oh, you must have such knitting skills!” look on their faces.  It happened again today whilst knitting in public.

Of course, these are never actual knitters.  Actual knitters--except for the very new ones--know that cables are all smoke and mirrors.  Razzle dazzle.  They look wildly complicated, but they’re not.  Cables are so deliciously, delightfully do-able!

Cables Building Block from Knitting Temptations - Day 4 7
The only hard part about cables is counting your rows so you know which row is the one requiring the cabling action stitch switcheroo.  And evidently, even this is beyond my mental capacity because I botched my latest cable.  It’s two rows longer than the other ones.  A finer woman than I would go back and fix it, but I am not so fine a woman. it's the cable on the top in this photo...c'mon, can you really tell?  It’s such a minor gaff and this is going to be a pillow for my daughter’s apartment so it’ll have Ramen Noodles spilled on it within weeks if not days (ooo, poor pillow!). I guess I’m not much of an artisan role model.  Do not let this fool you into thinking I don’t like this project or this yarn--they’re both downright wonderful.  I’ve just never been a perfectionist.   

Like EZ says (and I paraphrase), “If a man running for his life wouldn’t notice the error, it’s not an error.”  

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