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Celtic Princess Braided Scarf from Yarn & Thread Expressions - Day 5

Lost and...

Celtic Princess Braided Scarf from Yarn & Thread Expressions - Day 5 6
I’ve been working away on the Celtic Princess scarf, getting my daily row count done like a dutiful DestiKNITter.  But today I have to talk about something else that’s happened.

I suppose it was just a matter of time.  Actually, I think it’s nearly miraculous that it hasn’t happened before this.  

I’ve lost one of my favorite knit scarves.

Now, I’ve given away dearly loved scarves and shawls, but that’s always been my choice.  I’ve even worn through a pair of favorite knit socks.  This, however is completely different.

Celtic Princess Braided Scarf from Yarn & Thread Expressions - Day 5 7
I left the lovely Lady Fern scarf in a bureau drawer of a Dallas hotel room.  I realized it the next day, and called the hotel immediately, but anyone who travels as much as I do knows that it is nearly impossible to recover a lost item from a hotel once you check out.  I usually stay in small, boutique hotels and B&B’s to prevent just such a tragedy, but even that tactic didn’t serve me in this case.

“Nothing has shown up in lost and found.  Are you sure it’s in there, ma’am?” asked the manager.

“Absolutely,” I replied.  “I can tell you exactly which drawer.  I can even send you a photograph of the scarf.  Please, I’d very much like to have it back.”

“Housekeeping is required to check all the drawers when they clean the room after checkout.”  This seals my doom, for if the housekeeper involved were to turn in the scarf now, he or she must admit to either failing to check the drawers or keeping the scarf upon discovery.  But I KNOW it was there.  Someone has it—and that someone isn’t me.

My travels even took me back near the hotel a few days later, so I went back in person and told the manager she could stand over me while I checked the drawer.  “It’s possible the drawer has never been opened.  We’re fifty feet from the room.  Can’t you just take me in to check?”

“I’m sorry, that’s not allowed.”  Grr.

And now my scarf is gone.  Will the person who found it even realize how many hours were involved in knitting it?  I hate the thought of it being unappreciated.  I’ve made up a story for myself about its new owner to make myself feel better.  This new owner loves the scarf and feels pretty in it.  It’s her favorite color.  None of her friends or family knits, so she’s never owned anything hand-knit before.  

I don’t care whether or not it’s true.  It’s the only way I can stand thinking about that scarf around some other neck.

What are some beloved knits that you’ve lost?  Anyone have any good return stories?
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