Celtic Princess Braided Scarf From Yarn & Thread Expressions - Done! | Author Allie Pleiter

Celtic Princess Braided Scarf from Yarn & Thread Expressions - Done!

It’s done!

Celtic Princess Braided Scarf from Yarn & Thread Expressions - Done! 6
The color continues to be my favorite thing about this scarf.  Red cables just make such a statement!

I tried at first to block this the quick way, with an iron and a spray bottle of water, but I wasn’t pleased with the results.  It still folded at the borders and puckered at the ends. So off it went to the more patient bath-and-pin method.  No shortcuts.

While it was soaking, I invoked the knitting universe’s favor by calling the hotel one more time where I’d left the Lady Fern Scarf.  This time, on the advice of a friend, I asked to talk to the housekeeping manager.  Either the guy is just genuinely nice, or he knows someone who knits, because he was very understanding.  He vowed to check the room right then—it was unoccupied at the moment but occupied on my earlier visit—and call me back.  I waited, hoping my extra care with the Celtic Princess might earn me favor with the Lady Fern (sounds downright mythological, doesn’t it?).  Karma, universal balance, Providence—whatever you want to call it, I was dearly hoping it would act on my behalf.  I don’t think God minds that I pray for something so small as a favorite scarf back, because He knows it’s not small at all.  Not to the person who labored over it for so many hours.

Nada.  You and I both know neither the universe, nor God, is in the bargain business.  While I am convinced the housekeeping manager has scoured the place on my behalf, even offering to pull the drawers out of the bureau for me on the last-ditch chance it slipped behind, my scarf is very likely gone.  I left it behind of my own mistake, and it is now to grace some neck other than mine.

Celtic Princess Braided Scarf from Yarn & Thread Expressions - Done! 7
But life goes on.  I have well and truly blocked my Celtic Princess and it looks much better. Take a peek—pretty, isn't it?  Thank you Yarn & Thread Expressions, for such a challenging but worthwhile project!  It is the perfect “first aid” to my current wound.
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