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Cookie Policy

First-Party Cookies (cookies on this website)

First-party cookies are cookies that relate to the functions and features of this website specifically, and are set by this website, not a third party.

  • WordPress Cookies
    Cookie Name: wordress_test_cookie
    Cookie Type: Session Cookie

    About the Cookie: This cookie is only placed if you happen upon the login page for the site. It does not retain any personal data but simply checks to see if your browser has cookies enabled. You should never see this cookie, but just in case you do, we wanted you to know what it does.

  • Blog Comments (WP Discuz)
    Cookie Name: comment_author_*, comment_author_email_*, custom_field_*
    Cookie Type: Functionality / Feature

    About the Cookie: You have the option to accept or decline these cookies, which are used to "remember" you whenever you comment on blog posts. These cookies can be revoked by clearing your browser cache.

  • Cookie Consent Notice
    Cookie Name: (place specific cookie name here)
    Cookie Type: Strictly Necessary / User Preference

    About the Cookie: This cookie retains your cookie preference – to either accept or decline all cookies except those necessary for the site's function and basic features. This cookie does not require or store any personal data. This cookie is set to expire after 30 days and can be revoked by clearing your browser cache.

  • Device Theme Switcher
    Cookie Name: (domainnamewithoutdotwhatever)-alternate-theme
    Cookie Type: Session Cookie, User Preference

    About the Cookie: Stores a user preference because of user action (choosing to view the desktop site from the mobile device through links at bottom of mobile version of the site). The cookie expires at the end of the browser session.

  • Server-Related (webhost)
    Cookie Type: Necessary Cookie

    These cookies are added by our web host to track which web server to send the visitor to. Its purpose is to improve the performance of the website.

  • Microsoft Azure
    Cookie Name: ARRAffinity

    Cookie Type: Functionality / Session Cookie

    About the Cookie: This cookie used because our website is hosted on Microsoft Azure to keep a visitor’s session to a specific instance of the website within Azure. These expire when the session expires.

Third-Party Cookies

These 3rd-party cookies are not placed by this website, therefore, we strongly advise you to review the Privacy Policy of these websites and services. We have no control over, and assume no responsibility for the content, privacy policies, or practices of any third-party sites or services.

  • Affiliate Cookies This site may include affiliate links in posts and pages to products at online retailers such as These online retailers may pay out a small commission if you purchase something through that retailer. Clicking on one of these product links will place a temporary cookie in your browser that tells the online retailer that you found the product on this site. These cookies typically expire within 24 hours of placement.
  • SoundCloud This website features audio content from SoundCloud, a service that delivers audio content managed by SoundCloud Limited. If you visit a page on this website with embedded SoundCloud audio content, will place a cookie (sc_anonymous_id) to enable the SoundCloud player. It may also place others (ScorecardRearches: , UID, UIDR), so please review SoundCloud’s privacy and cookie policies for more information. The sc_anonymous_id cookie expires 10 years or until the browser cache is emptied (HTTP cookie).

    SoundCloud Cookie Policy:
    SoundCloud Privacy Policy:

  • YouTube
    This website may sometimes use YouTube to deliver video content. YouTube cookies enable you to view any YouTube-embedded videos included on this site's pages or blog posts. The expiration date of these cookies vary; some expire after a session ends or a browser window is closed, and some end after 20 years.

    When possible, this website uses YouTube's privacy-enhanced mode for embedding videos. YouTube cookies may be set on your computer after you click on the YouTube video player, but YouTube will not store any personally identifying information for playbacks of videos embedded with privacy-enhanced mode. To find out more, please visit YouTube’s embedding videos information page.


    YouTube Privacy Policy:

  • Social Media
    This website also provides ways to share our pages and blog posts to social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. If you choose to share content from this site through any of the social media buttons on this site, be aware that these sites are likely to collect information about your online activities. This site has no control over placement of those cookies and how they function, therefore it is recommended that you review the official privacy policy of the respective social network to find out more about their use of your information and/or how to opt out or delete such information.

Social Media Privacy Policies:

Future Cookies

This website may cease usage of some cookies and introduce others from time to time to improve user’s experience. Any changes will be reflected on this Cookie Policy page.

Managing Cookies

Most browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.) are configured to accept cookies but allow users to manage those cookie settings and provide ways to delete cookies. These are official instructions for major browsers:

Google Chrome
Firefox (Mozilla)
Internet Explorer

For more information about cookies, see

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