Darjeeling Shawl From Yarning For Ewe - Day 3 | Author Allie Pleiter

Darjeeling Shawl from Yarning for Ewe - Day 3

Switching gears...

I have to say, I am really liking the construction of this shawl.  So many times a knitter starts at one end of a shawl and slogs on through the pattern—either top to bottom or side to side—until they reach the other end.  It’s a linear process.  That’s not without its benefits, but it’s a long straight line even if the pattern stitches change.

Darjeeling Shawl from Yarning for Ewe - Day 3 4

Not so with the Darjeeling.  It is constructed in three distinct pieces that build one onto the other.  I hadn’t realized how refreshing I would find that until I finished the initial garter stitch triangle and found myself switching gears entirely for the next segment.  Great fun! This is the first time I can remember that the bind-off wasn’t the final step in a piece.

After I pulled out my new favorite tool, the stretchy bind off, I found myself picking up stitches all around those loops that bookended each row of the triangle.  Suddenly, I wasn’t working from the bottom up anymore, I was humming around the two sides.  Next thing I know, I’m turning the bottom corner in a straight line—which felt odd but actually worked.  Now, I have a lace chart to challenge me for the middle section, and then a I’ll change directions one last time for the final lace edging. 

While I’m sure this will be a stunning finished piece, the process has been the best part of the Darjeeling Shawl so far.

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