Davis Street Shawl From CloseKnit -Day 3 | Author Allie Pleiter

Davis Street Shawl from CloseKnit -Day 3

Poetic and fuzzy...

Some projects don’t give up their progress easily.  You have to dig deep for the benchmarks that are going to make you feel like you’re getting somewhere.  
Davis Street Shawl from CloseKnit -Day 3 4

I just passed the hand off from ball of yarn #1 to ball of yarn #2--the quintessential “halfway home.”  Of course, it’s not really a visual half-way.  It will take much more yarn to accomplish these longer rows, so I won’t get a shawl that’s twice as long as the one I have now.  

The “fuzzy math” is that I’m probably two thirds through the length even if I’m one half through the yarn.  Truth be told, my last row on this shawl will be my longest.  It’s rather poetic when you think about it.

Remind me of the poetry when I’m slogging through endless inches of garter in about half a ball...
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