December Authors Who Knit: Danica Favorite | Author Allie Pleiter

December Authors Who Knit: Danica Favorite

It's especially fun for me when I get to introduce you to one of my knitting author friends.  DestiKNITters, take a moment to meet debut author Danica Favorite!

December Authors Who Knit: Danica Favorite 6
Danica, what’s on your needles right now?
Well, Allie is going to laugh at this, because she helped me with a similar project, but here goes: I am working on making knitted chickens. I haven’t yet found a size that makes me happy, so I don’t actually have a finished chicken. Just a bunch of weird size ball things. So, I have an almost finished, too-small chicken on my needles.

What feels like your favorite/greatest knitting accomplishment?
I made this really great spiral knitted bag. I took a class at my local yarn store (A Knitted Peace, featured on Destiknitions) and that was the project we did. Best thing I’ve ever made. Maybe I need to find a “how to knit chickens” class.

What feels like the worst knitting mistake/foible/wrong choice you’ve ever made?
I made this super huge, super ugly shawl. It was a great idea and really pretty, but it was an important lesson in gauge. The thing is a behemoth and I used *cough* three times as much yarn as my pattern said. That should have been my first clue. However, it was one of those stubborn moments of I WILL DO THIS, so I finished it. I almost ripped it out and called it good, but my daughter loves it, even though it’s like a giant ugly blanket. 

Straight or circular needles?

Metal or wood needles?
I only have metal circular needles, since the wood ones are pricey. But I really love the feel of wood. That said, I’ll knit with anything. I have these big clunky acrylic needles I love, too.

White chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate?
I’m not allowed to have chocolate or dairy, so my treat of choice is cinnamon bears.

Coffee or tea?

Have you written a knitting character?
Um, sort of. I had a great scene in the book I’m writing right now involving two characters learning to knit, but my editor made me cut that section of the book. ☹ I guess I’ll need to be more intentional about making a knitting character.

December Authors Who Knit: Danica Favorite 7
What’s the last thing anyone would suspect about your most recent book?
That when I pictured my heroine from Rocky Mountain Dreams, I pictured Nellie Oleson from Little House on the Prairie. I’ve always thought that Nellie could be a good person deep down, so I decided to write a character who was already a good Nellie. 

Give a shout out to your favorite local yarn store:
A Knitted Peace
5654C S. Prince St.

Littleton, CO 80123

If you’d like to be friends with Danica on Ravelry, you can reach her at: DanicaDream.  If you'd like more information on Danica and her book, visit her website.
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