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Denver, CO - Day Four

DAY FOUR (Sunday for our purposes)

The great outdoors...

As always, our final day represents a kick-back or sorts, a slower day to wind down from our adventures and savor all the goodies we’ve acquired. As such we’ll start with the traditional Sunday morning fav, a good cup of java:


300 W 11th Ave # B

Denver, CO

(303) 534-1744

Denver, CO - Day Four 8If you’re sit on the couch and read the Sunday paper kind of person, this is a good place to do it. If you need to catch up on your email so there aren’t 7,000 items in your inbox when you get home, they have wifi. It’s good to remember that your plastic won’t get you anywhere here--this is a cash-for-caffeine establishment. Ease into your final Denver day at this clean, low-key coffee spot, but don’t snack too much on whatever food they’ve got available, we have plans for that at our next stop:

Whole Foods

2375 E. 1st Ave,

Denver, Colorado 80206


A grocery store? Denver, CO - Day Four 9Yep. Although, unless you’ve been living under a capitalist rock for the last decade, you’ll know that this isn’t your grandmother’s Piggly Wiggly. You’re going on a picnic, and this is one of the best places I know to stock up for a lunch in the park. Wander the aisles, feeling oh-so-environmentally friendly, and tuck some exotic fruits, cheese, crackers, etc into a basket to enjoy at our next location.

The Great Lawn at Lowry Park

Yosemite Street and Lowry Boulevard

This newest of Denver Parks seems to have a host of great places to sit, knit, and nosh. The view rocks--it is the Rockies, after all--and the air does that thing mountain air is supposed to do to your soul. Some portions of the 50-acre recreation spot will be in progress through 2010, but open space is a marvelous tonic to just about anything. Spend as long as you like here, spread out in all your knitting alfresco glory.

Just when you feel a nap coming on, either give in or counterbalance it with one final sugar fix at:

Liks Ice Cream

2039 E 13th Ave

Denver, CO 80206

(303) 321-2370

Denver, CO - Day Four 10Called by one reviewer as “the Denver landmark of ice cream,” the smell of cooking waffle cones has been known to pull in unsuspecting healthy people before they could think better of it. I don’t know who thought of Lemon Chocolate Chip, but I want to kiss them for their ingenuity. Like most really good ice cream establishments, be prepared for a line, but I can think of no better way to top off four days of fiber adventures. Just make sure you wash your hands before you touch that yarn!

There you go--four high-altitude days of fiber adventure in Denver. Beginning next week, we’ll start the Knit Along for The Lamb Shoppe’s shawl collar vest, where you’ll watch my newly acquired Continental Knitting skills fly me through the ribbing. See you then!

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