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DETOUR: The Cuff’s Adventures

DestiKNITions fans know we’ve slogged through the nasty awfulness of childhood cancer this year at our house.  And the nasty awfulness has been, well, awfully nasty.  There are, however, slices of brilliant wonderfulness inside the sea of nasty (which is pretty near over, by the way, with excellent results!).  One of those came for us this week, and it also launched a nifty idea.
Through the amazing folks at Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation–all of whom should have shining halos around their heads in my opinion–my son was given a night at the Chicago White Sox.  They are his favorite team.  A.J. Pierzynski is his fav player.  And let me tell you, my son didn’t just get any old night at a White Sox game.  He was given the night of a lifetime.  I will never forget it–and the extraordinary kindness of Sox catcher A.J.–as long as I live.
DETOUR:  The Cuff’s Adventures 1Somewhere around the sixth inning, I needed–no surprise here–a cup of coffee.  So I wandered up to the concession stand and bought one.  I promptly slipped my spiffy new hand-knit cuff onto the cup and sipped away in the cloud of gratitude that the night had become.  
When I set the cup down on the dugout–because, folks, that exactly how close we were to the players (how cool can you get?)–I realized the cuff was now going to have no end of adventures in its life.  After all, I drink coffee everywhere I go.  And I go some pretty interesting places these days.  So I snapped a photo.  I sense this is only the beginning…
We’ll return to our Elizabethan Collar soon, but I couldn’t wait to share my cuff’s memorable adventure.
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Kimberly and Abby
Kimberly and Abby
9 years ago

Very cool!

Allie Pleiter
Allie Pleiter
9 years ago

Who knows where the cuff will go next? Perhaps it will meet a celebrity. A national landmark. Hmmm.

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