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Detour: Shamelessly smitten self promotion


I’m sorry, but I simply can’t stop myself from crowing about this one:  I got to write a knitting novel!

Detour: Shamelessly smitten self promotion 6
You probably have an idea of how deliriously happy that makes me.  Honestly, to write a  book where the hero falls for the heroine over KNITTING--it was like a convergence of wonderfulness for every creative cell in my body.
Of course, because this is a romance novel, WWI Army Captain John Gallows is devastatingly handsome, arrogant, and silver-tongued.  What’s better is that he is a complete oaf at knitting even though the Army has forced him to learn--in the public eye, no less--to convince boys to join the Red Cross “Knit Your Bit” socks for soldiers campaign. 
He describes his first encounter with dpn’s as “wrestling a porcupine.”

He muffs entire rows of ribbing.

He never makes it to the second sock (but I’m not telling why...).

He is slack-jawed with astonishment when he turns the heel.

Don’t you just love him?

Detour: Shamelessly smitten self promotion 7
Now, no fab-u-lous guy like that can have just any heroine.  Nurse Leanne Sample is that master-knitter we all love to pal around with.  The kind who can pick up that mess you made and untangle it right in front of your eyes.  The kind who teaches everyone and anyone who is willing to learn.  The kind of woman who can be won with a hank of decadent yellow (and totally contraband) cashmere. 
Ah, but she’s no pushover, our gal Leanne.  She stands up to our cocky hero with a spine all her own, thank you very much.  She sees through the bravado to his very real pain--and we’re not just talking about his wounded leg.

They’re perfect together.  There’s loads of knitting in the book.  It’s so romantic I can barely keep myself from swooning--and I know how it ends!

Okay, shameless self-promotion over.  But really, I couldn’t help myself.  Not to you, destiKNITters, because you understand why I’m flat-out over the moon with this one.  

Thanks for indulging me.  Gotta have it?  Click here.
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