Diagonal Rib Infinity Scarf From Stitch(es) - Day 1 | Author Allie Pleiter

Diagonal Rib Infinity Scarf from Stitch(es) - Day 1

Infinitely refreshing!

After all that chart-peering lace, a nice gentle pattern like this one from Stitch(es) in Winnetka is a refreshing change.  Sure it takes a bit of concentration--and a chunk of time--to cast on 296 stitches, but that doesn’t sap the brain cells the way a lace chart can.
Diagonal Rib Infinity Scarf from Stitch(es) - Day 1 4
My favorite trick for casting on a whopping load of stitches like this is to place a marker every twenty-five stitches (they've been removed in this photo, sorry).  That way, after nine markers, I know I’ve only got 21 more to go.  Much less stressful than counting (and recounting and recounting if I know me) to nearly three hundred.

I’m especially fond of patterns that make good use of yarn’s natural properties.  Remember the pooling colors of our tie-die neck warmer?  The one that came with the side order of amnesia?  

It’s especially pleasing when patterns capitalize on things that normally bug me, like the curling nature of stockinette stitch.  The first five rows of this infinity scarf--or cowl, as I often call it--are just that stitch.  Placed where it is, I think the curl of those first five stockinette rows will add a nifty design element rather than an annoying tendency. 

I admit, however, that it’s a bit early to tell.  As such, it’s win-win:  if it curls, that’ll be a neat edge.  If it doesn’t, even better.  Well done, designer Sue Peterson!
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