Diagonal Rib Infinity Scarf From Stitch(es) - Day 2 | Author Allie Pleiter

Diagonal Rib Infinity Scarf from Stitch(es) - Day 2

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Diagonal Rib Infinity Scarf from Stitch(es) - Day 2 7
There are projects where texture really matters, and this is one of them.  Nothing can ruin your day like a scratchy scarf irritating your neck–even if it is one of the most beautiful things you’ve ever knitted.  I’m not at all above relegating even gorgeous projects to the limitations of a turtleneck (as in “not touching my bare neck again, sister!”), because beauty does have its costs.  Yet, there is a special place in my heart for those projects that FEEL as good as they LOOK–and not just to my fingertips.

Diagonal Rib Infinity Scarf from Stitch(es) - Day 2 8
Sue has matched the soft loft of this baby alpaca with just the right needle size to give a plush feeling that still allows for warmth.  That’s the sign of a quality designer in my book.  Anyone can knit a rectangle and call it a scarf–it’s a great designer that knows just why diagonal rib will give a lovely drape and why a size larger needle would be too open but a size smaller would stiffen things up.

Diagonal Rib Infinity Scarf from Stitch(es) - Day 2 9
And then there’s the color.  I’ve tried to help the camera catch the deep, botanic teal of this yarn, but I’m not having much luck.  Take my word for it–it’s lovely.  With just a hint of color variation to give a mysterious depth.
At first I thought I was going to need a marker to notate the beginning of each row, but when I realized I was just shifting each set of “purl 3”s over one stitch to form the diagonal line, It no longer mattered where I was in the loop.  Just the right amount of thinking here–no zone-out miles of garter or stockinette, but no brain-bending lace charts, either.

A really lovely project that I’m enjoying!
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