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Edie’s Shoulder Wrap from The Knit Shop - Day 1

Simply squared...

Edie’s Shoulder Wrap from The Knit Shop - Day 1 8
I’ve made a lot of shawls in my day.  And of late, they’ve usually come in triangle or arc shapes.  This one takes a unique squared shape that Edie tells me will stay on my shoulders better, despite its light and airy fiber.  Sounds like a theory worth testing!

Edie’s Shoulder Wrap from The Knit Shop - Day 1 9
The main hue for this shawl is a color-way called “Sorgasso” from Juniper Moon Farm Findley Dappled marino-silk blend.  The mix of multiple greens feels lush and botanical without being too bold.  That’s not to say the piece is without “pop” however—the accent of a stripe of Kidsilk Haze silk-mohair blend in a vibrant bright green does that.

Edie’s Shoulder Wrap from The Knit Shop - Day 1 10
I’m at the American Christian Fiction Writers conference in St. Louis this week, which means I’m doing a lot of sitting in workshops (when I’m not hiding in my hotel room watching “Outlander” on Starz since we don’t have it at home…).  the basic to portion of this shawl is the perfect project for “I need to pay a fair amount of attention” situations like these.  As long as you mark the two yarn-over sections with a pair stitch markers, you don’t even have to count.  Since you keep up the basic pattern until the row is over three hundred stitches long, you can be sure things aren’t going to get complicated anytime soon.  Just the ticket for days of workshops.

I’ll have to pay a smidge more attention in a row or two when I start adding the green accent stripe every twelve rows (which means I need to do a least a bit of counting), but I think I’m up to it. 
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