Edie's Shoulder Wrap From The Knit Shop - Day 5 | Author Allie Pleiter

Edie's Shoulder Wrap from The Knit Shop - Day 5

History is bound to frog itself...

Edie's Shoulder Wrap from The Knit Shop - Day 5 6
Well, phooey. 

“Onward” didn’t happen.

Well, it did, only it was swiftly followed by “backward.” As in rip it out, you fool, this won’t work.

For whatever reason, my knitting lesson in life this year seems to be “some things you just can’t fudge.”

I thought I could just plow forward through the feather and fan portion of this project even though my accent stripes were a bit off.  Turns out I could do that, but I ended up with wider green stripes—two rows of garter stitch gives you a single ridge, but two rows of stockinette give you two full rows, which look thicker.

Edie's Shoulder Wrap from The Knit Shop - Day 5 7
The fixed version--after much gnashing of teeth
At first, I told myself I liked it that way.  You know those little kitting lies you tell yourself to try and convince yourself you won’t have to rip out three days worth of work?  You can get away with it for about twenty minutes, and then the truth hunts you like a hound.  Some errors you can live with, others you know will bother you for the life of the garment.

So what did I spend yesterday doing?  Ripping out three days worth of stitching to start the feather and fan section all over again.  

Lucky for me, I have a bunch of air travel ahead of me this week.  I’m going to need all that time to catch up.
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