Feza--or Multi Textured Vest-- From Fiberwood Studio--Day 2 | Author Allie Pleiter

Feza--or Multi Textured Vest-- from Fiberwood Studio--Day 2

Feza--or Multi Textured Vest-- from Fiberwood Studio--Day 2 6

Oh, by the way, it's not called the Feza Vest, it's called the Multi Textured Vest.

Today explains why people of my creative nature should--or perhaps should not--marry engineers. 

No sooner had I boasted about the clarity of the mathematical explanation in my last post, than my husband peered at my pristine calculation with narrowed eyes and informed me that those were not, in fact, quadratic equations. 

"But they have four parts," I defended. "That's what a quadratic equation is, [insert pause of mounting doubt here] isn't it?" He made one of the sighs, the ones I recognize from days where I have left too many kitchen cabinet doors open (which would be every day), and told me what a quadratic equation really was. 

I have absolutely no idea what he said. It might as well have been Swahili. I should stick to yarn and words. 

Ah, but I can't, can I? I promised to give you the rest of the alteration math, non-quadratic as it may be.

Of course, if you are always modifying patterns down in size, this won't really be an issue. But if you always end up making things longer or wider--if you're of the "more of me to love" sisterhood, then you need this in your toolbox. 

It's the exact same equation we used to calculate our stitches-to-inches ratio. Only now, we're calculating how much more yarn it will take to make what is essentially a fatter rectangle. Not all shapes work like this--scarves and non-triangular shawls are fine, or you might get a rough estimate for a very boxy sweater, but that's about it.

Feza--or Multi Textured Vest-- from Fiberwood Studio--Day 2 7

This pattern calls for a 60 stitch row and uses two skeins, or 460 yards. We need to know how many yards an 80 stitch row will require.

Solving for x (feel free to feel smart when you say that), we discover we need 613 yards, so we definitely need another skein. 

It's SO much better to know that up front, don't you think? See? Math can save you grief. 

Of course if you're fishing for an excuse to go back to the yarn store, where you might see a few more things you simply can't live without, feel free to ditch these equations with glee. I'll back you up completely.

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