Fog Shawl From The Fiber Universe--Day 1 | Author Allie Pleiter

Fog Shawl from The Fiber Universe--Day 1

Secret recipe?

Fog Shawl from The Fiber Universe--Day 1 6
The control freak in me has mixed feelings about free-form patterns like this.  I trust my creativity with words—after all, it’s how I earn my living—but in visual matters, I defer to those with more skill than I.

Designer Dallas Ann Prentice calls this “A shawl recipe.”  It’s a fitting metaphor, as the instructions contain phrases like “…until you find it to be a pleasing place to stop,” and “…until you just can’t stomach it anymore.”  In other words, the basic ingredients are laid out for you, but you’re given a lot of freedom in how you combine them.

You know how some people put flowers in a vase and it looks elegant, artistic, and beautiful?  I put flowers in a vase and I get…just flowers in a vase.  I don’t have that “decor” knack.  As such, I’m a bit nervous that my version of “a pleasing place to stop” isn’t going to turn out all that pleasing.

Fog Shawl from The Fiber Universe--Day 1 7
It helps, however, to have gorgeous yarn.  My Plymouth Revel (shade 07) undulates through tones of blue and green.  (If I didn’t already have plans for this yarn, by the way, I could follow the QR code on the label to the free “Revel Bandana” pattern). My Dream in Color Jilly “sumptuously splendid hand dyed yarn” in “Tranquil” wanders through a tight palette of soft and dark blues.  Naturally, I didn’t combine these on my own—I leaned on Erin’s expertise. I know my limitations.

Yes, it’s a top down, but I will try not to indulge in any rants as the super-long rows show up near the finish line.  So far, the easy stockinette pattern goes swift and effortless.  Well begun!
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