Foxy Duo Cowl From Criativity - Day 1 | Author Allie Pleiter

Foxy Duo Cowl from Criativity - Day 1

Getting Foxy...

I’ll admit, the whole project smacked of “novelty yarn” to me at first.  The whole “eyelash yarn fun fur” thing was never anything that came even close to catching my attention.  And it has shiny stuff in it—I don’t do sparkle, not even in nail polish.  Honestly, I was trepidatious when I started the Foxy Duo Cowl.

But adventure is the whole point of DestiKNITions, and I have been pleasantly surprised by projects far more than I have been disappointed, so I mustered my optimism and opened my cowl kit kindly supplied by Prism Yarns.

Foxy Duo Cowl from Criativity - Day 1 8
Now, everyone agrees Prism makes a gorgeous product.  Art yarn.  Eye catching fibers. And these two are no exceptions.  The Plume is mysteriously, obsessively lovely to touch—really, you can’t stop stroking it.  How does it feel so cool to the touch and so soft at the same time?  You have to fight the urge to hold it up to your cheek and sigh.

And Stuff?  It’s a collection of all different kinds of yarns—some fuzzy, some shiny, some thin, some thick.  It reminds me of the yarn I used to make the Feza vest.  I’m sure I’ll find the constant change of texture amusing in the endless rounds of stockinette this cowl requires.

But first, I have to get it out of hanks—and in this case, that takes some doing.  I brought it to my knitting group, because I figured it would either be a lot of fun or a load of hassle.  The Stuff label should have been my first clue:  it says “Stuff must be wound while under tension.  Place skein onto a swift or a friend’s outstretched arms.”

Foxy Duo Cowl from Criativity - Day 1 9
That’s exactly they way it went.  I managed about three feet on my own, then had to enlist the help of a friend to hold it while I patiently, carefully wound.  Hey, Allie, why don’t you try actually reading the directions next time?  Then again, who knew yarn came with directions?  Yarn often comes with patterns, but that’s not the same thing.

Foxy Duo Cowl from Criativity - Day 1 10
Once I brought in backup—in the form of my friend Nancy’s helpfully outstretched arms—the hank of Stuff wound itself up very nicely, and has behaved cooperatively so far.  The Plume is another story—I kid you not, the thing reminds me of a Star Trek Tribble.   And it does not want to stay wound. Every once in a while I think I catch it moving out of the corner of my eye.

Stay tuned…this could get really interesting.
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