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Foxy Duo Cowl from Criativity - Day 3

Lashing out...

Stuff—this project’s other fiber—is aptly named.  It’s as if your terribly artsy friend raided your yarn stash and tied lots of “stuff” together.  Only this artsy friend has excellent taste in texture and color.  If I romped through my yarn stash and strung a whole bunch of yarn fragments together, you can bet it wouldn’t come out this pretty.  Think colorblind bird’s nest.

Foxy Duo Cowl from Criativity - Day 3 6
Yes, there are knots.  If this piece were reversible, that would be an issue.  But since the Foxy Duo Cowl has a right side and a wrong side, it’s not such a challenge.  I’ll still weave the ends in, however, because I think if you wanted to double loop this loveliness around your neck, a bit of the wrong side might show.

Foxy Duo Cowl from Criativity - Day 3 7
DestiKNITters are by now familiar with my rants on top-down shawls.  A close second in the ranks of Allie rants, however, is eyelash yarn.  And in this particular instance, it’s very long eyelash yarn.  Each “lash” is over an inch long, which takes a lot of coping, picking, and arranging.  I’m really glad Stuff is a collection of yarns, because if I were doing the entire non-Plume portion of this cowl in eyelash, things would get ugly.  I’m already whining about it regularly, measuring how many inches of eyelash torture I have left each time that fiber comes along.

I did notice one set of directions advised eyelash-averse knitters to simply trim the lashes off after knitting.  I have to say, I’m considering it—but it’s the knitting of eyelash yarn that I dislike, not the appearance of it.

Still, in the adventurous spirit of DestiKNITions, I’m withholding judgement until the piece is finished.  If a week or so from now you feel the earth shift, it may be because I found an eyelash project that doesn’t make me twitch.  

Hey, it could happen.
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