Foxy Duo Cowl From Criativity - Day 4 | Author Allie Pleiter

Foxy Duo Cowl from Criativity - Day 4

From Stuff to Fluff...

Foxy Duo Cowl from Criativity - Day 4 6
Stuff is interesting to knit with—the always-changing nature of the yarn means that sometimes you are knitting with one nubby strand, then stitching four shimmery ones the next segment.  While this is straight-up stockinette, a place where I usually default to Continental style stitching for speed, I found I couldn't do it here.  There is one shift in needle sizes—effortless with interchangeable needles but not much of a big deal on traditional circs, either—but that’s about it.  The work may be repetitive, but not boring.  It’s not as if I was facing endless inches of stockinette; there’s less than a foot of it for this cowl.

Foxy Duo Cowl from Criativity - Day 4 7
Once you’ve used up your Stuff (the pattern calls for a specific inch width but I chose to just keep going a few extra rows until I used up all the yarn), it’s time to return to the funny, furry Plume.  And that was certainly entertaining.  The smaller the ball got, the more unruly it became.  The sandwich bag containment tactic worked, but by the end I kept laughing as it twitched and unwound itself as if alive.  With only a handful of garter stitch rows to go, I found my tolerance for Plume’s antics had risen.  It ended up more amusing than frustrating, a curtain bow from a drama queen if you will.

What will all this look like finished and on my shoulders?  Next post you’ll get to see…
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