Fresh Till Cowl From Yarniverse - Day 4 | Author Allie Pleiter

Fresh Till Cowl from Yarniverse - Day 4

Tilled but tailored?

Fresh Till Cowl from Yarniverse - Day 4 6
Once properly followed, this pattern goes swiftly and smoothly.  It’s amusing to watch the little eyelet rows pop up through the sections of stockinette.  Rebecca Fox is right—they do look just like freshly tilled rows of farmland—if farmland came in a lovely ice-blue color like this yarn.

Fresh Till Cowl from Yarniverse - Day 4 7
I’ll admit to a bit of worry about the size.  It seems narrow and short for a cowl—at least for someone of my size.   Of course, things knitted lengthwise like this tend to change shape dramatically once you get them off the needles, so I know better that to make assumptions based on what I’m seeing now.  It’s just that I often discover that the scale is off—a six-foot woman needs longer scarves and shawls.  And let’s not even get into sweater adjustments!

This is why I tend to focus my knitting on accessories.  And, quite frankly, why I never buy clothes online.  I’d be heartbroken to spend tons of time knitting a sweater only to be unhappy with the fit of the finished product once I finished.  

Yes, I’ve tried Elizabeth Zimmerman’s infinitely tailorable sweater system—it worked great until it inadvertently ended up in the wash…
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