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Getting the hint?

That's the fifth time now.

The fifth time I've run across a video, email, magazine article, and today even a television show talking about the value of teaching knitting in children's hospitals. The fifth time I've seen mention of a children's hospital that has a knitting...well, I'd call it a ministry but I think they'd call it an outreach or a therapy.

Getting the hint? 6Our hospital doesn't have one.


Now granted, my plate's a bit full at the moment, and I am chasing downtown to the hospital for lots of HAVE TO reasons, so now is not the time to add WANT TO reasons. But I am no fool; I know when an idea is hunting me down. I don't think there's any chance I won't end up teaching knitting at our hospital one of these days. But I need to be smart and recognize that it shouldn't be now.

Getting the hint? 7Still, one has to wonder if one of those many teaching sets of yarn and needles I keep in my stash aren't going to find their way into one of my overnight stay bags. I pack my hair dryer, why not an extra set of yarn and needles? Life is feeling just close enough to normal that knitting has re-entered my life as a pleasure, and I have that delicious luxury called free time (free time is not defined, by the way, by those endless stretches of hours spent on vinyl hospital furniture) that can be devoted to knitting. I can entertain the idea of a future knitting outreach.

DestiKNITionsRX. Hmmmm. It'd be a trip of a whole different kind.

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14 years ago

Knitting… One more thing I'd love to learn and one more thing I don't have time for. Sounds like it would be a fabulous ministry.

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