Knit Along: Hand Spun Bouquet Scarf From Loopy Mango - Day 1 | Author Allie Pleiter

Knit Along: Hand Spun Bouquet Scarf from Loopy Mango - Day 1

“What can you recommend?”
One of the great pleasures of this blog is that I don’t pick my own projects.  You may think that’s odd, but I think of it like walking into a restaurant and ordering the special, sight unseen–you come away with the most amazing experiences you’d probably never have picked for yourself.
Knit Along: Hand Spun Bouquet Scarf from Loopy Mango - Day 1 3

When is it okay to cheat?
This scarf is the kind of high-drama accessory I love, but I don’t know that I’d have chosen it from all the other lovely offerings at Loopy Mango.  Something as quick as Handspun Bouquet almost seems like cheating.  You should see me as I started to knit this–I laughed as if I’d just found the secret shortcut.  Like the lady who dumps canned stew into her own crockery and takes it to the church potluck–and gets away with it.

Not that this is cutting corners–no ma’am, this is one stunning bit of fiber.  So cool and artsy that I shall be intolerable when I wear it for the first time.  (Some might quip that I’m verging on intolerable now…yes, I hear you).  I’ve spent time just oogling the yarn as I wound it into the massive (and in, my eyes, un-portable) ball, taking notice of each individual rosette.  Each of those lovely flowers is more charming by the sheer fact that I didn’t have to make it.  

Want to know the ugly truth?
I couldn’t make something even as simple as one of these rosettes.  The ugly truth is that while I can knit up a storm, I am craft impaired.  I may have written two parenting books, but I’ve botched more MOPS crafts than you can shake a glue-gun at.

This, however, I feel confident I can handle.  The hardest part about this project?  Keeping my 19-year-old daughter from stealing it when it’s done.

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