Knit Along: Hand Spun Bouquet Scarf From Loopy Mango - Day 2 | Author Allie Pleiter

Knit Along: Hand Spun Bouquet Scarf from Loopy Mango - Day 2

Legal cheating?
Long-time DestiKNITions readers will know I’m especially fond of projects where the yarn does all the work for you.  These are pieces with simple stitches or patterns, allowing the drama of the fiber to take center stage.  Sure, I’m all for showing off with high-skill projects (remember my FiberWild socks?), but there’s something wonderful about letting a yarn like this take over.  Like I said before, it feels like legal cheating.  Pulling the wool over your eyes--literally.

Knit Along: Hand Spun Bouquet Scarf from Loopy Mango - Day 2 4
Would you tote a fiber volleyball?
Now, there are downsides to this lovely scarf.  When you wind the yarn up in ball, you end up with something the size of a volleyball.  It’s comical--I’d feel ridiculous pulling this out of a knitting bag in public.  As such, it’s a bit unwieldy.  And while I love fast progress as much as the next knitter, enormous needles like this have never really been my thing.  More sledgehammer than craft tool.  Still, you can’t argue with the one-foot-in-fifteen minutes progress of this thing.

Need an awesome gift idea?
There is one instance where I’d definitely take this out in public. As I said before, I think this would make the cleverest of birthday or housewarming gifts.  Arrive with a hank of pure art in your hands, stay for dinner or coffee or anything that takes a pair of hours, and leave your host with a charming hand-knit scarf.  Really, I think if you did it once your phone would suddenly be ringing off the hook with invitations.  

Anyone out there want to test my theory?
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