"Hatapalooza" Hats From Great Yarns - Day 1 | Author Allie Pleiter

"Hatapalooza" hats from Great Yarns - Day 1

I’ll see your Hatapalooza and raise you a pair….

"Hatapalooza" hats from Great Yarns - Day 1 4

This is a fun new dynamic—a pair of projects for a DestiKNITions feature!  That short attention span of mine likes the duality, and I’m intrigued as to how I’ll plot this pair of projects out.  After all, there are so many options:

1)  Hardest first
Knock the tough one out so you can play with the easier one.  It’s a tried and true productivity tactic (“Eat That Frog!”).  But this isn't productivity, it’s creativity.  Still, I like the idea of tackling the cable challenge before I have all that easy stockinette fun.

2)   Easiest first
Especially when writing episodes, I often find it’s helpful to do the easiest or fastest project first so I can get ahead of myself work-wise.  You never know what will go wrong—in life or in knitting—so stacking the breathing room in your favor is always smart.

3)  Both at the same time
This works particularly well when one project is easy and the other requires concentration.  I’m not sure I could do cables in a committee meeting.  On the other hand, I could probably stockinette my way through oral surgery.  Do I make the easy project my travel knitting while saving the harder one for at home where I can concentrate?

After much deliberation and a cup of very good coffee, I chose option 3.  The curly-cue hat will travel around in my handbag while the Knotty But Nice will live on my coffee table.

DestiKNITters, which tactic would you have chosen?
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