"Hatapalooza" Hats From Great Yarns - Day 5 | Author Allie Pleiter

"Hatapalooza" hats from Great Yarns - Day 5

A tale of three tails…

"Hatapalooza" hats from Great Yarns - Day 5 10
KnitCol cap duly finished, it was time to top the thing off with its trademark curly-cues. Oddly enough, I thought these little squiggles only doable by crochet, but this hat taught me they can be achieved through continual knit-it-front-and-back stitches.  It makes perfect sense now that I think of it, and makes me happy because despite many attempts, I just can’t take to crochet. (Don’t post mean comments, okay? It’s just the way I’m wired.)

"Hatapalooza" hats from Great Yarns - Day 5 11
I decided I wanted my hat to have a bouquet of unique curlies, so I planned three different variations of the pattern.  I did one according to pattern instructions—a bit thin for my taste, and not quite curly enough.  

"Hatapalooza" hats from Great Yarns - Day 5 12
Craving something a little thicker, I added a second row of knit-in-front-and-back stitches to achieve a bigger, more tightly wound spiral on the next version.  

"Hatapalooza" hats from Great Yarns - Day 5 13
For the third I went for something in-between, adding a second row but only increasing every other stitch—almost as thick, but not as tightly wound.  And in all cases, lots of colors showing up everywhere.  I like the variety I achieved.  I also varied the length by casting on different numbers of stitches.

With all the parts complete, it’s time to block my hat. The headband refuses to stay down right now, insisting on flipping defiantly up, and I’m hoping blocking solves that.  Then I’ll attach my curlies and turn my attention to the final stretches of cable on the Knotty but Nice.
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