Hiawassee Handwarmers From The Needle Nook - Day 3 | Author Allie Pleiter

Hiawassee Handwarmers from The Needle Nook - Day 3

Cozy cable confidence

Hiawassee Handwarmers from The Needle Nook - Day 3 6

Isn’t this cable pattern just lovely?  I know these look very narrow on the needles, but all that ribbing makes for a wonderfully elastic piece.  I like knowing they’ll be snug around my wrists because that’s the part that always gets cold for me.  

These really do manage a great combination of cozy and elegant.  They would make lovely gifts, but I plan on keeping them for myself.  The great thing about Arlene’s pattern, though, is that you can get TWO pairs from one skein--one to give and one to keep.  That’s my kind of knitting--everybody wins.

Hiawassee Handwarmers from The Needle Nook - Day 3 7

Even with two balls of yarn (a must for two mitts on one needle), this is a highly portable project.  The only part I think I wouldn’t pull out at a meeting or in public would be the end of the gusset where you must move stitches to waste yarn--I’d only do that in the peace and quiet of my own home.  

That will be the next segment, so you’ll get to see if I stick to my tactics.  I’ve got several long committee meetings coming up this week...I might get cocky.

Lucky for you, that always makes for entertaining reading.

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