Hiawassee Handwarmers From The Needle Nook - Done! | Author Allie Pleiter

Hiawassee Handwarmers from The Needle Nook - Done!

Well.  It just goes to show you how wrong a knitter can be.

Hiawassee Handwarmers from The Needle Nook - Done! 6

They fit beautifully!  Nicely snug—not a bit too snug—around the wrists where the lovely cable pattern pulls it in a smidge.  Perfectly stretchy around the arms and hands, thanks to the new skill of Jenny’s stretchy bind off that I learned back with the Arroyo Shawl.  They still look tiny off my hands, but that will make them easy to stash in my coat pocket.

Hiawassee Handwarmers from The Needle Nook - Done! 7

Of course, they’re more decorative than warm—at least by Chicago standards.  Where my daughter lives in Charleston, they might be just the right touch for a chilly fall or winter morning.  That doesn’t mean she’s definitely getting them…I admit it, I’m a selfish knitter not especially prone to giving things away, especially something with this much time invested in the making.  

Of course, I just might have enough yarn for a second pair.  Now, all I have to do is find two weeks of free time to knit them!

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