Hiawassee Handwarmers From The Needle Nook - Day 2 | Author Allie Pleiter

Hiawassee Handwarmers from The Needle Nook - Day 2

Hiawassee Handwarmers from The Needle Nook - Day 2 6

So now we cable.  My prior planning served me well here, as my cable section was nicely contained in my front needles.  I only messed up once, but in true Allie fashion, it was many rows before I noticed it.  The misdirected cable is so subtle that I didn’t feel compelled to go all the way down and fix it.  I’ve never been a perfectionist.

Hiawassee Handwarmers from The Needle Nook - Day 2 7

The color still delights me--there are so many lush tones in there!  You can always count on Malabrigo to come through with a stunning fiber.  Arlene has come through, too, by employing a really lovely cable pattern--something a little different than the standard “twist” and more like an elegant interweaving.  Combined with the pleasant rhythm of the ribbing that makes up the rest of the piece, this is a pleasant section that goes quickly enough to be satisfying.  I’m feeling especially smug in the fact that both will be done when I’m finished.

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