Hiawassee Handwarmers From The Needle Nook - Day 4 | Author Allie Pleiter

Hiawassee Handwarmers from The Needle Nook - Day 4

Two thumbs up?  Maybe...

Hiawassee Handwarmers from The Needle Nook - Day 4 6

I struck a happy compromise, finishing the gusset and moving the stitches to the waste yarn out of my house but at my knitting group.  I took another project with lots of mindless garter stitch to my long committee meetings.  It’s best to know your limitations, right?

I finally tried these on the other day, and was disappointed to discover they are currently a bit too snug and too short.  They are lovely enough that I suspect my daughter will snatch them up in a New York minute, she being in possession of lovely slim young hands and mine being of the pudgy middle-aged variety.  

Hiawassee Handwarmers from The Needle Nook - Day 4 7

That’s not a fault of the pattern--more a consequence of the yarn.  I think if I redid the pattern in a heavier weight yarn, I’d come up with just the right size for my substantial hands.  Or, with the half a skein I have left, I might adapt the pattern to size up since I do love the elegance of this weight of yarn.  While I admit to being worried, I’m smart enough to know you can’t really judge a pattern until it’s blocked.

I’m still proud of myself for doing both the right and left thumb gussets simultaneously.  It took a little marking up of the pattern, and a little concentration, but all-in-all not too taxing.  This might bolster my confidence enough to attempt turning two simultaneous sock heels one of these days.  Who knows what hilarity will ensue if I try that!

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