Holden Shawlette From The Artful Yarn - Day 4 | Author Allie Pleiter

Holden Shawlette from The Artful Yarn - Day 4

Ripples of ease...

Holden Shawlette from The Artful Yarn - Day 4 6
All these lovely ripples really do remind me of a shoreline—especially in the aqua-blue color that I’ve chosen for my shawl.  The simplicity of this pattern truly is charming—it’s not mentally taxing at all, yet gives a fabulous effect for the piece.  

As I said before, I think this would make an excellent first lace project for any knitter.  As pretty as it is now, I know it will take on even more beauty once blocked.  My experience has been that any lace piece you like before you block, you will love once you block.

Holden Shawlette from The Artful Yarn - Day 4 7
I have not felt the need for any safety lines.  The pattern is an easy one to comprehend and, with the exception of the rows that are made up completely of yarn-overs, going back to fix a major error would not pose much of a problem.  The good news is that with the stitch markers providing multiple “check-in” points, I’ve not had any major disasters since row six.

Of course, I’m not done yet, so I should take care what declarations I make, yes?
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