Honey Cowl From Cream City Yarn - Day 1 | Author Allie Pleiter

Honey Cowl from Cream City Yarn - Day 1

A lovely start...

Products--and designers--usually earn their fine reputations for a reason.  Being a long-time knitter, I’d come across the Madelinetosh name more than once.  As such, I was giddy when the fine folks at Cream City Yarn gave me a skein of Madelinetosh ToshDK--I chose the color “Margeaux” but I love all their color names--with which to knit up the Honey Cowl pattern.  

Honey Cowl from Cream City Yarn - Day 1 4
Ann Maria’s deceptively simple pattern lets the fiber do the talking, but gives it something really interesting to say.  Texture is the mother tongue of knitters, it speaks directly to the soul.  Still, I like a piece to be functional--too much pizzaz, and I end up wondering if I’m wearing the scarf or if the scarf is wearing me.  This one hits the right balance.

I chose the shorter option--I’ve a closet-full of long, draping scarves.  This pattern gives you a satisfying menu of long, short, or two versions of “inbetween.”   Considering this pattern would lend itself to a multitude of yarns, that’s a smart value.

I found myself racing impatiently through the cast-on and first four rows of stockinette so that I could get to the honeycomb pattern.  Well, wouldn’t you?
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