Honey Cowl From Cream City Yarn - Day 4 | Author Allie Pleiter

Honey Cowl from Cream City Yarn - Day 4

Knit yourself some life juice...

Honey Cowl from Cream City Yarn - Day 4 4
Small projects are portable.  My handbag (always, always chosen for its ability to carry my life AND my knitting) was bulging with the addition of the Multi-Textured Vest.  I’m delighting in how easily this cowl slips into my purse without making me feel like a Chicago Suburban Mary Poppins.  Like socks or mittens, or hats, cowls tuck nicely into our everyday existence.

More than their portability, however, is their progress.  The sense of accomplishment I feel, the excited “almost done” feeling you get when you’re sure you’ll have the thing finished by the week end--doesn’t that fuel your energy?  I think it’s the sense of finishing that makes such a counterbalance to the endless stress of mothering--or any other caretaking for that matter.  Face it: some things in life feel endless.  Marathons of effort with no clear finish line.  Often, life hands us “ends” to such endurance races--elder parents pass away, children grow up and move off--but they don’t often feel like “finishes.”

The control freak in me likes finishing.  Especially when I can do it on my terms.  There’s an old publishing saying, “I don’t much like writing, but I love having written.”  That’s me.  I’m the kind of gal who makes lists because she loves checking tasks off.  Don’t get me wrong, I adore the process of knitting from start to finish.  It’s just that I get an extra boost of "life juice" when I can see the finish coming toward me.

Like lots of knitting truths, this one applies to life as well.  If you’re facing a marathon of sorts--and life seems all to ready to hand us one these days--where in your knitting can you fuel your sense of accomplishment?  What’s near finishing that you can take that final mile (or is it yard)?   Stitch yourself up a boost of life juice this week and watch what happens.
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