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Honey Cowl from Cream City Yarn - DONE!

Honey Cowl from Cream City Yarn - DONE! 6
I admit, it’s takes a bit of effort to get enthusiastic about a wool cowl in the dead of August, but the color and texture of this project help my excitement along.  Madelinetosh makes some exquisite yarn!

I confess, I never quite know how to wear cowls.  I’ve got a full selection of scarf ties in my repertoire, and a wardrobe of shawl pins, but cowls always just sort of sit there.  I like the simplicity of them, I like that I’m not forever swiping shawl or scarf tails out of my way, and they always look very cozy.  

It’s just that I’m always convinced the person looking at me is waiting for the thing to open up further and swallow my face.  

Honey Cowl from Cream City Yarn - DONE! 7
I ought to be ashamed of myself--that’s no way to think of a perfectly respectable swath of wool.  Sheep are not a predatory species.

It’s too early in the season to give this a test run, and I may need to consult the daughter for styling tips, but I’m confident we’ll be good friends.  I’ve yet to meet a knitted accessory I didn’t like.

Thanks to all the lovely folks who showed up for copies of HOMEFRONT HERO at Stitches Midwest yesterday.  50 books gone in 20 minutes--that was the most fun I've had in a long time!  And of course, I did a little shopping afterward....

Next up?  Another publishing industry knitter shares her life & yarn adventures.
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