Island Knits Shoulder Wrap From Island Knits - Day 4 | Author Allie Pleiter

Island Knits Shoulder Wrap from Island Knits - Day 4

Gotta get back...

We’ve all been there.  That psychological set point that implants itself when we have to rip out large sections of a project.  You mark it—consciously or unconsciously—because you won’t feel settled until you get back to that place in your progress.  

Island Knits Shoulder Wrap from Island Knits - Day 4 6
I usually know it because the yarn rewound onto the ball or skein is usually wrapped angrily in a different direction.  It hits you like a fever—you MUST knit until you get back to the point where you had to start ripping out.  If you don’t, the yarn sits there nagging at you like a toothache. Am I right?

Last night I finally got back to the point I was at before I realized my grave increase error.  The shawl is a different shape now; a more correct shape.  My world has been restored to its correct path, and I am at peace with my knitting.

Island Knits Shoulder Wrap from Island Knits - Day 4 7

Until the next mistake.  Because it doesn’t matter how cocky experienced…a knitter you are, you will rip.  You will frog.  You will yank out misbehaving stitches.

In that, however, lies the greatest grace of knitting:  you get do-overs.  If only all of life worked that way.
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