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Island Knits Shoulder Wrap from Island Knits - Done!

I settled on no fringe, and I’m pleased with my decision.  I’m just not a fringe person.

Island Knits Shoulder Wrap from Island Knits - Done! 6
I am considering, however, maybe a little bit of silver or glass beading on the end.  The shawl is so light and airy that it often doesn’t stay in place.  I’m thinking a small bit of weight will help it hold the right shape.  Nothing too western or even southwestern, though—I’m going to keep my eye open for something to call to me as the perfect touch.

If I had to do it over again, I think I’d continue on with a second skein of yarn.  That’s just my personal opinion—I like my shawls on the big side.  This project goes so fast, it wouldn’t be such a challenge to add the additional yardage.

Island Knits Shoulder Wrap from Island Knits - Done! 7
One note on the bind-off:  while you need it to be stretchy, it can’t be too stretchy.  I tried Jenny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off and had to take it back out.  I ended up doing a standard bind off but adding a yarn over every two or three stitches as the directions state.   If you are a tight knitter, you may need to experiment to get just the right tension.  Otherwise the top edge overpowers the curve of the bottom edge and you loose the necessary arc.

No matter what the bind off, this is an eye-catching summer shawl.  Thanks, Island Knits!
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