Island Knits Shoulder Wrap From Island Knits - Day 2 | Author Allie Pleiter

Island Knits Shoulder Wrap from Island Knits - Day 2

Big but not chunky...

Island Knits Shoulder Wrap from Island Knits - Day 2 8
Island Knits Wrap knitting in Florida!
This is a highly portable project, despite the size. Sure, I always feel like size 17 circular needles look more like something I ought to be jumpstarting a car with rather than something to knit an elegant accessory, but they get the job done.

And they get the job done fast.  This could be a weekend project easily.  In fact, given the length of your evening and the speed of your knitting, this could be a one-night stitch stand.  Especially if you decided to forgo the fringe.  If you need a quick, high-satisfaction project, this is an ideal choice.

Island Knits Shoulder Wrap from Island Knits - Day 2 9
The color continues to please me.  I wear lots of brown and a fair amount of grey, and this colorway combines the two and throws in a dash of dramatic turquoise as a bonus.  What's not to like?  It's the drape, however, that I find most appealing.  I tend not to favor the big chunky yarn stuff--I have no interest in arm knitting despite the current rage.  This is big,but it's anything but chunky.  It's got a large-stitched casual elegance.  This shawl will be as at home atop a t-shirt and jeans as it would over a summer dress.

Island Knits Shoulder Wrap from Island Knits - Day 2 10
…Except for the fringe.  I can't quite make friends with the fringe finish yet (fringe often feels too “western wear” for me), but I know it'll need something along the edge.  And how on earth will I know how much fiber to save for the edging if I don't know what it will be?  I hate not knowing if I'll have enough yarn to finish what I've started.  Oh, well, that's the drama of knitting.  Maybe I'll dream up a perfect solution on my way to the top edge.

Any suggestions?
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